• Granite

  • Marble

  • Clay

  • Porcelain



You can use the Green-off Cleaner on paths, drives and patios of the following materials:

  • Natural stone

  • Concrete

  • Artificial stone

  • Terracotta

Green-off cleaner

The Green-Off Cleaner is a powerful and high performance cleaner that removes natural and organic soiling from paths, drives and patios, without damaging Pavetuf sealed surfaces.

Why use Pavetuf Green-off Cleaner?


  • It provides extensive and lasting protection when treated afterwards with a Pavetuf Sealer.

  • It is easy to use, as it can simply be rinsed with water, without the need for using a pressure washer

  • It does not alter the colour of the landscaped surface

  • It is water based and does not contain potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, quaternary ammonium, heavy metals or solvents

  • Professional quality product

  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Information