• Granite

  • Marble

  • Clay

  • Porcelain



You can use the General Cleaner on paths, drives and patios of the following materials:

  • Natural stone

  • Concrete

  • Artificial stone

  • Terracotta

General Cleaner

The General Cleaner is a general purpose, everyday use cleaner. We recommend using this product to clean your paved area, prior to using a Pavetuf Sealant.

Why use Pavetuf General Cleaner?

  • It is for regular use, keeping your paving spick and span all year round

  • It can remove greasy stains and soiling caused by atmospheric and industrial pollution and everyday dirt and grime

  • It is formulated with biodegradable components

  • It does not alter the appearance or aesthetics of surfaces that have been Pavetuf sealed

  • Professional quality product

  • Environmentally friendly