Quality You Can Depend On


Each flagstone within this range is distinct with: unique varying colour palettes; differing riven surfaces; natural veining and; occasional fossil prints. The Classicstone products are available in a combination of project packs, single sizes and circle kits.


Premiastone flagstones are available in a combination of single sizes and project packs and in a large range of varying colours from warm pinks, cool creams and subtle greys, through to deep classic blacks. With so many options it is difficult to choose a favourite, however you can be sure that whichever makes its way to your garden, it will create a natural ‘wow factor’.


Vitripiazza flagstones are a full bodied porcelain, meaning that the entirety of each flagstone
is made from high quality porcelain, as opposed to cheaper vitrified ceramic tiles or alternatives
that may just have a porcelain layer on the surface. Not only do the Vitripiazza flagstones
offer a varied colour blend that reflects natural products, they also provide home owners
with the ultimate choice in durability, longevity and style.