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Vitripiazza Anno Grigio

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Grigio is a light to medium grey colour that can enhance any surrounding colours to show them to their best advantage.

Non Rectified: The flags are fired and then sorted into work sizes which have a + / – 0.75mm tolerance. Each product can have up to 5 different working sizes.

An exclusive range of Italian vitrified porcelain paving Vitripiazza flagstones are a full bodied porcelain, meaning that the entirety of each flagstone is made from high quality porcelain, as opposed to cheaper vitrified ceramic tiles or alternatives that may just have a porcelain layer on the surface. Not only do the Vitripiazza flagstones offer a varied colour blend that reflects natural products, they also provide home owners with the ultimate choice in durability, longevity and style. Some of the ranges have matching internal tiles and wall cladding options available too!

Grigio is only available in a 600 x 600 single size.

Pack information:

  • 600x600mm
  • 23.04m2
  • 64 pieces
  • 18mm thick
  • 938kg per crate
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