Brett Block Paving

brett charcoal 50mm single size blocks.j

Omega provides nearly endless design opportunities. Its modern lines blend with almost any environment, maturing over time, for a subtle, natural effect.

Barleystone Block Paving


Capture the elegance of nostalgic old world charm, the Kingspave Cobble paving collection has a gently distressed surface to achieve that natural weathered appearance.  With various colour options with a natural cobbled appearance, there is something to complement any setting – from a traditional country house to a contemporary dwelling.

No need to worry about a pattern, the Kingspave Cobble has three sizes (small, medium and large) within each pack that enable a varied laying design.


Barleystone Block Paving

For elegance and simplicity, the Larchfield Original Paving Block has the classic rectangular shape allowing various installation designs that will remain stylish and attractive for years to come. Available at our landscaping supplies store

Larchfield Damson Edge
Larchfield Damson single size block pavi
brindle damson single size block paving

The rectangular shape allows installation of a range of patterns and use of different colours enables each project to be unique.