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Vitripiazza Information Guide

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storm porcelain paving
Anthracite porcelain paving

Benefits Of Porcelain Paving

Highly durable

Easy to clean

Resistant to salt

Frost proof

Non absorbent (<0.1%)

Resistant to moss, mould and pesticides

Vitripiazza Information Guide

Bringing the outside in

The Vitripiazza range is available in 18-20mm thick flagstones, designed for external use. To enable you to bring the outdoors in and create a flush finish from your garden into your home, we offer most of the Vitripiazza products in 10mm thick single size floor tiles for internal use.


Important Information about porcelain Paving

Please note:

  • All product sizes, weights and coverages stated throughout this brochure are nominal.

  • We recommend that Vitripiazza is only installed using Pavetuf Priming Slurry and jointed with either our Jointing Mortar, Compound or Grout. If these products are not used for Vitripiazza installation purposes, the integrity of the paved system is outside our recommended guide and will forfeit any technical support.

  • We advise that the installer mixes flagstones from multiple packs when installing any Vitripiazza product to avoid any potential colour banding. As Vitripiazza products are produced in batches, we advise that sufficient product for each project is purchased together and from the same batch, as there may be slight colour variations between different batches. Also mixing different size formats, different pack sizes and mixing from multiple packs may result in colour variations, so care needs to be taken when designing and ordering these products.

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